Keys and Permissions

Estimated Time: 15 minutes

You will need an Apple Developer Account for this step.


Apple requires you to add various premissions to your application in order to use ceartin Triumph functionality.

Unity games do this step for free! Move onto the step below.

Apple Keys

Here you will configure (i) a push notification key and (ii) a device check key. The push notification key lets us notify players' when their tournament results are ready, and the device check key helps us ensure all scores submitted are in fact coming from a real device.

Push Notifications

Log in to your Apple Developer Account here, and and click Keys under Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.

Under Keys, click the + button to add an key.

Create a new Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) key. Keep track of the key ID, and download the key.

Device Check

Now, in the same place, create a DeviceCheck key. Keep track of the key ID, and download the key.

Team ID

Your team ID will be in the upper right corner of the Certificates, Identifiers, & Profiles page. Keep track of your team ID.

Upload Keys to Triumph

Do not mix up your keys, or Triumph will not work in production. Triple check that this step is done correctly!

Go to Settings -> Apple Keys in the Triumph dashboard. Upload each key and type out the KeyID for each entry and hit submit.

Next Steps

Build your project.

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