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Triumph provides a suite of tools to integrate real money tournaments into skill based games.
We offer two products: (i) a plug and play SDK and (ii) a REST API built for custom real money experiences on any platform. Read on to see which offering suits your needs.

Triumph SDK

The Triumph SDK provides a simple, plug and play integration for mobile games built in either native Swift or Unity.
You should use the SDK if you want to be up and running quickly and are comfortable letting Triumph control the tournament experience. You will still be able to theme the SDK according to your needs.
To see the Triumph SDK in action, download one of our demo games or get started with the SDK docs.

Triumph API

Triumph API is in private beta and has a limited number of partnership slots for 2023. Fill out the form here to apply for access.
If you are building outside of mobile or require fine grained control over your real money system, the API product is for you. Control the entire user experience, with Triumph powered payments, compliance, and user management. Get started here.

New Use Case?

Have a compelling idea you'd like to bring to life that doesn't fit one of the above use cases? We'd love to hear from you. Please fill out the form here and we will be in touch shortly.
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