Estimated Time - 5 minutes.


Triumph requires you to configure a few more properties of your application so we can properly hook into your game.


Navigate to your game page and click on the Game Config tab.

You must configure the following:

Display Name

This is the name of your game that will show up in the dashboard

Apple Bundle Identifier

This will be something you set in your Signing & Capabilities section on Xcode. We recommend using the identifier triumph.[YOUR_GAME_NAME].com.

App Store ID

This is a numerical identifier for your application. You can find it in App Store Connect under the App Information section listed as Apple ID. Note: if you have never submitted your app to the app store, you will not have an ID yet. In this case, leave this blank for now.

Score Decimal Points

The number of decimal points your game is scored to. For example, in our brick breaker game, scores are incremented by whole numbers, so this value is set to 0. In comparison, in our dot game, the score is how long the user is alive for, measured to the hundredth of a second, so this value is set to 2.

Primary Color

Use the color picker to theme the SDK to fit in with the style of your game. Once you change the color and hit save, force close and re-open your app. You will see the new color theme applied across the SDK.

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