Go Live Checklist

The final stretch! Estimated Time: 1 Hour.

Game Config, Apple Keys, and Apple Pay

Navigate to the Go Live tab on your game page in the Triumph Dashboard. You will see all of the items you must complete before going Live with real money. All of these items should show a green ✅ signifying that the section is properly configured. If there is an ❌ next to any row, it means the section has not been properly configured. Go to the game page for game config, or the organization tab for Apple Pay and Apple Keys to propely fill out the rest of the required information.

Once you have a ✅ for each of the first 3 sections, move on to the next step.

Compliance Checklist

Click on the compliance tab on your game page, and fill out the questionnaire. This will confirm that your game meets the requirements for real money. On completion, you will be sent the a Platform Agreement and a PII Agreement.

Platform Agreement

Read over and sign the Triumph Platform Agreement. This will outline the terms of your relationship with Triumph. The most important thing to note here: you will never be charged by Triumph, and will only make money. Since we are doing a rev-share split (heavily in your favor), our incentives align completely.

PII Agreement

This only applies if your game collects personally idenfitifiable data outside of Triumph. Read this article to see if your game collects PII data. It is imperative that you answer this honestly.

Action Items

Once you are done with the compliance docs, email them to integrations@triumpharcade.com, and continue along with the next steps. We will reach out to you if there are any issues with your documents before you go live.

Next Steps

Follow along with the test flight build section!

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