App Store Submission

Best practices to ensure smooth App Store Submission

The App Store takes special precautions when reviewing real money gaming apps. Follow this guide to ensure that the reviewers know you've followed all best practices and compliance efforts in your game.

General App Store Submission

If this is your first app on the App Store, read a tutorial guide here or here for the basics. The rest of this section assumes general knowledge about the App Store submission process.

Each heading below refers to one of the pages on App Store Connect, with the additional info that you must include to submit Triumph with your game.

App Information

Age Rating

Your age rating must be 17+. Make sure to mark Frequent/Intense for Contests and Yes for instances of Gambling.

Pricing & Availability

Your app must be released as Free to offer real money tournaments. Make sure that you have selected the free tier pricing scheduele.

App Privacy

Privacy Policy URL

Use the privacy policy URL at the link here. If you already have a privacy policy for your game, make sure it is in compliance with ours, and include a link to ours in a new section of your privacy policy.

Product Page Preview

You must mark your app as collecting various peices of data. Be sure to fill this out exactly. If you've followed the steps below correctly, the preview should look exactly like this:

Data Types

Mark the third-party data collection pop-up as Yes.

For each of the data types Apple asks about, answer as follows (note: the screenshots below are for the name identifier, but these answers will be the same for each subsequent identifier).

You will need to repeat this process for each of the eight different data types Apple asks about. When you've finished, confirm that your Product Preview page looks identical to the image we've provided in that section.

iOS App Section

Apple will require this information with each build you submit. It is important to follow this exactly.

Support URL

Set the support URL field to the link here. If you have your own support page, make sure it references this Triumph support URL.

App Reviewer Information

Apple must test Triumph in your app in its review process. Provide your own contact information, but be sure to use the phone number (561)-666-6666 as the test phone number. You can find the test credential password on your account in the developer dashboard.

Test Credentials

Please provide the test credentials: (561)-999-9997 and OTP code 123456 for the reviewer sign in instructions.

Reviewer Notes

Include the following snippet in your reviewer notes, which should answer your reviewer's questions about your game and Triumph. You should also include a description of your game.


Our game integrates with Triumph’s skill based, real money tournament plugin. 
This plugin — found by hitting the “Play” button, handles all aspects of our real money tournaments — player accounts, payment, arbitration, customer verification, and compliance (verifying users are 18+ via ID scan and playing from a legal state).

Triumph has undergone a rigorous state-by-state legal analysis provided by Duane Morris, LLP, a premier firm in the skill gaming space (each of the states we operate in has been validated). 
Our skill based tournaments are restricted to these states via geolocation. 
All players are ID scanned to ensure they are 18+. 
This game has been tested internally and externally, and has undergone statistical modeling to ascertain that it is unequivocally a game of skill.

Other Notes:

1. Users must accept our TOS before playing. 
2. We mention in onboarding that Apple is not a contest sponsor and that users must be 18+.
3. The user needs to verify their ID, confirming their age (18+), before withdrawal is possible. Please do not withdraw any of the money in your account :).
4. Users are not able to enter a tournament unless they are geolocated in one of the states that Triumph operates in (see above). THIS IS DISABLED FOR YOUR TEST ACCOUNT FOR THE SAKE OF EASY TESTING.
5. You will be prompted to log in via your phone number. Use the test account 561-999-9997. Because we are in test mode, you will NOT receive a one time code. Please wait ~15 seconds and enter the passcode 123456 to log in.
6. You will not be able to edit your profile in this test account.

You are done! Once your app goes live, download it to ensure that all is functioning as expected. Sit back, relax, and generate revenue! Remember to add your banking details here so we can pay you your earning!

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